About Serenity

About Serenity

The natural charm and elegance of Serenity by the Sea has touched many hearts and brought healing to those who were open and seeking it. It is a rare and unique property and place with an astounding history of how it came to be. The vision, love and care, with which it was designed and built, and the breathtaking architectural design of Serenity is an incredible testament to what is possible when we put our hearts into creating something that will benefit the land and those that come to enjoy it. Shera Street and her partner Chidakash designed and built Serenity to fit the nature around it, rather than make nature fit to their ideas. That is no easy feat on a waterfront cliffside property. What they accomplished is an example of how the seemingly impossible can become possible.

 They also revived the flowing creek that runs through the property that had been blocked and buried under logging debris for many, many years. You can feel the love when you enter the property. It is truly a magical place. Now we, the new owners, keepers of this land, and you when you come, have the honour and pleasure of reaping the blessings and beauty they created, every day.

We have also added our love and attention in our first year with new additions and upgrades such as the dreamy cliffside jacuzzi. Being able to enjoy the silence and view from on high feels like being transported to another dimension. It’s indescribable! We also landscaped and created the sitting garden in the back where soon there will also be a BBQ for our guests to enjoy. The suites have also been upgraded with high quality organic bedding that is silky smooth and so pleasurable to sleep in. Hypoallergenic bedding and pillows and upgraded kitchen utensils and spices so our guests have everything they need to prepare delicious meals during their stay. Also our mini gym is a new addition. We have many more things in our vision of Serenity that we will be continually upgrading and designing!

If you love nature, including all it’s critters that roam the land… if you are comfortable with silence… if you enjoy the adventure of being in a somewhat rustic and raw natural environment… if you are looking to decompress from the hustle and bustle and stress of modern life and looking to heal and reconnect to what is really important in life, rest,  your heart, your joy, relationships, love, kindness, beauty, and goodness… to be nourished by nature, then Serenity by the Sea is the perfect place for you. Whether you come as a B&B guest, to retreat and just be on your own or if you wish to design a focused Healing Retreat to experience while you are here, the land and we welcome you.

We are at your service and will do all we can to create the best experience for you.

We look forward to meeting you.

Luannah and Juan