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Baby Goose Sanctuary at Serenity!

We are so blessed with so many natural wonders here at Serenity By The Sea!!!

The past week we are visited, everyday, by three different Canadian Goose mama’s and papa’s with babies! It’s beyond adorable!

They find a safe refuge on our rocky beach. They drink from the cascading sweet water come from the cliff and they feast on seaweed and algae.

My heart melts each time!

The first day they showed up on our shore we watched them all afternoon, mesmerized by the beauty of new life and the protective and nurturing care of the mama and papa. An eagle came and perched above, watching for an opportunity to snatch one, but the parents kept such good watch that the eagle didn’t stand a chance!

So far no babies have been lost yet. A few times a Raven came by too. One time the Raven was quite saucy as he landed just feet away from them on the rocks. They honked at him and promptly chased him away.

Being here at Serenity absolutely every day is filled with wonder and beauty. My heart is full.

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