Sea View Haven Chalet

This private refuge nurtures you withs gifts from sea and sky and forest.

The Seaview Haven Chalet, nestled among trees on a rocky outcrop, is a cozy 2 story cottage oriented to the light and warmth of the southern sky. Downstairs there is the kitchen and lounge with views to the ocean. Upstairs the bedroom is a cozy sanctuary inviting you to spend quiet time, reading or simply lying in in the morning. The bold use of beams throughout give a special sense of security and permanence. This is particularly so upstairs which has a high vaulted ceiling

A Morning Treat Waking in the morning is a delight. With the queen-size bed at window level, you can watch morning's first light flow over the ocean and island panorama--without even having to lift your head from the pillow! Queen-size bed.

Upstairs Deck A great hand-built door with grand hinges on it opens to a small deck at tree level. From this private aerie you can enjoy the view to the ocean through trees and the sounds of the creek garden below.

Woodstove Heater Relax in the warm glow of a glass-fronted heater.

Back ChairLounge in the comfort of our special back chair, designed to melt away the stress carried by our backs.

Sofa Hide-a-bed A double bed sofa offers extra sleeping if necessary.

Ocean View Sun Deck The lounge opens to a private deck and views of the ocean and islands beyond. On sunny days, enjoy the pleasure of lying out in our unique single-bar hammock.


There is a fully-equipped kitchenette with a full fridge freezer and 4-burner stove with oven in which you can prepare meals at your own convenience.

"Well, it was what I expected and more. I think I started a sleep marathon!
I've come away from serenity feeling"whole" again, and very rested—
ready to face the world again." Coleen

"Whilst in bed here I sensed creative energy glowing untrammelled through the entire house. I will always remember the peace and serenity of this little Galiano retreat." Evelyn

Rate: $185

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Sea View Haven Chalet
Sea View Haven Chalet
Sunrise Suite
The Sunrise Suite
Windsail Room
The Windsail Room



A Personal Retreat

Find Inner Strength and Balance. Reconnect with your Purpose and Vision. There is no better gift restorative retreat you can give yourself than to take time occasionally to pause and reflect, and to reconnect with your own creative spirit and strengths in an empowering personal retreat at Serenity by the Sea.

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Retreat Intensive

Learn skills to understand—and deal creatively with—challenges you are facing. In this multi- stepping stonesfaceted 3-day guided retreat we will help you rise above and manage the changes in your work world, relationships or lifestyle. Clarify the issues, explore your options and connect with your inner strength, vision and resources.

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