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Healing Retreats at Serenity

Healing Retreats are a very special experience, both for me giving them and for the recipient. It’s a time where you can experience a deep pause in your life, where all the noise and stress can drop away and you are nourished by both the natural elements surrounding you and by the healing work we can do together.

Having lived in Europe for 10.5 years I was exposed to a culture that placed high importance on self care. For them it is not considered a luxury or indulgence, as I found out it is so viewed here in North America when I moved here. Even large corporations and businesses  send their CEO’s on a Cure Spa retreat for anywhere from 4-6 weeks, all paid for by the company. They  experience massage, hydro therapy, mentoring, dietary support, yoga and other holistic healing sessions. Holistic Healing is acknowledged and considered an important element in the healing process by the Medical Institutions in Germany and most European countries.

It was amazing for me to see this when I worked at a Hotel in the Black Forest that facilitated these retreats. Over there they know the importance of taking time to rebuild and restore. It is essential to their high productivity. Whereas here we are told to keep pushing ourselves beyond every limit our body and mind comes up against and end up being so charged on adrenaline and cortisol, which ages us faster, that we no longer have the capacity to read the signals of our body telling us we need to slow down, eat better, breathe deeper, take time to heal our hurts. The result… crash and burn.

Then on top of that we are expected to swallow and squish down our full spectrum of feelings and emotions, reduce, nip and tuck them, giving them virtually no room to exist nor be processed, and we have to fit ourselves in this narrow perception of what a “normal” and “perfect’ person is. The result… emotional suffocation.

In being so focused on producing and working we have left the needs of the producer and worker out of the equation. We are not robots, yet expected to be emotionless like them, and be productive like them.  Our needs to be a healthy functioning human being, mentally, emotionally and physically are kicked to the curb! It is an absolutely unsustainable way of existing and is most certainly not living.

Going away for a retreat is like getting a reboot on all your internal systems. Recharging your inner battery that desperately needs it. Did you know there is now an official illness called Nature Deficit Disorder? Thats how bad it has gotten.

Being in nature is by far the most effective way to reboot our body mind and soul. Combine being in nature with receiving healing work, massage, coaching etc amplifies the effect 1000 fold. This is why I was inspired to create space and opportunity for people, like you, to decompress, reconnect to the simple pleasures and beauty of being in nature, with the added option of doing healing, self awareness work and teaching useful and effective tools for navigating stress better when you return to your life and work.

I feel so grateful for everyone I have ever worked with, and those yet to come. It is a great privilege to be able to share and give support in the ways I have learned to…to see the results… and I get to experience magic every time! Witnessing the transformations that happen is such a gift. It is my great joy to be able to offer this beautiful place and space for your well being and healing.

I look forward to meeting you!


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