Serenity Wellness and Healing with Shera Street

A Rare Opportunity to Find Clarity, Inner Strengths and Vision

"I honour the preciousness of the Individual."Shera Street

Shera Street is the counsellor-guide at Serenity.


Shera Street is the principle counsellor-guide at Serenity. She has profound compassion for the people she meets. Her ability to understand the core of what people are going through—their concerns and feelings—has evolved over her own long road of personal growth and healing.

This has enabled her to stand by her clients in deep emotion as well as joy, guiding them to the core of their issues, and training them to use new tools to find solutions on their own when they are home again.

Many who have worked with Shera have been encouraged to discover that the issues they are dealing are something Shera has personally experienced—and transformed—in her own life:

A Rare Opportunity"

Shera and the healing and teaching gifts that work through her, offer a truly unique opportunity for you during your retreat at Serenity.

Over the years we have seen guests go home empowered, more confident and more focused, as a result of work they have done with Shera, armed with tools they can use to continue on in the future.

This work is the 'secret' treasure of Serenity by the Sea Retreat. I invite you to add lasting value to your time here.

migraines, brain damage, a broken back, abuse, the loss of her children, abandonment, tumours, heart issues, and more!


"Every challenge is an opportunity." Shera

Healing work has come naturally to Shera for over 20 years. In her work with others Shera fosters the understanding that whatever life brings can be stepping stones toward greater personal integrity and empowerment. She has sensitivity, healing hands and an intuitive insight that adds a truly unique dimension to her work.

Shera channels these natural healing gifts through three major forms.

1. Reiki. Reiki is an energetic practice that originates in Japan and channels chi or ki energy to a client where it works gently at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

2. Gestalt. Gestalt therapy is a perfect complement to Shera intuitive abilities. Shera uses it to resolve the contradictions and quiet the inner 'voices' so she can guide clients clients quickly to clarity where they may be conflicted or confused. She also connects them with their inner resources and often-forgotten personal vision.

3. Creative Self Discovery. In this work Shera blends her healing skills and intuitive gifts with her other great passion—art—in a powerful form of creative therapy that empowers people to direct their on-going transformation. In this dynamic work, Shera draws on her own sources of strength which are Nature and the Earth, Light and Spirit.


As Shera guides clients to the core of their issues, She also trains them to use tools to find solutions on their own in the future. Many people who have arrived in various states of concern, confusion, exhaustion, discouragement have left, transformed after time with Shera, re-focussed, empowered individuals, with clearer thinking and a positive vision.

Shera is available in one-on-one session work. 1½ hours. $125
NOTE: 3 hours of work with Shera is included in The Next Step (Click for details.)

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"Shera knows/perceives one's needs and brings the right tools, and the right touch, at just the right time." Eleanor

"Felt honoured to find myself in the studio of this wise elderwoman-artist, and given the gift of dusting off my creative touchstone." Barbro

"Serenity will forever be known to me as a place of personal healing. I without a doubt learned how to live my life... a gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life." Trish

"I wish more people could discover Shera's talents--she is a gift to the world that deserves to be discovered." Priscilla

"Felt honoured to find myself in the studio of this wise elderwoman-artist, and given the gift of dusting off my creative touchstone." Barbro

"I enter into the second half of my life much more enlightened to accept the opportunities I have over the next 50 years with consciousness." Priscilla

"I've been working on my wounded child for 15 years--and 2 days working with Shera brought me to a new level of understanding and peace." Eileen

"I have been completely inspired and have a million things running though my mind today. I will slow down, breathe and make plans." Christine

"Your calm and compassionate nature welcomed me and made me feel 100% comfortable here. your experiences helped me to work through my own issues and I am very grateful for that. I feel peace here. " Linda

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