Serenity by the Sea Retreat

When you need slow down, refocus and recharge your batteries, take time away.

Is a personal retreat is for you?

  • Do you feel you are going too hard or too fast?
  • Are you overwhelmed at work? at home? or in relationship?
  • Have you lost the enthusiasm you once had?
  • Have you got concerns in relationship?
  • Are you involved in a new project or creative endeavour?
  • Are you or a loved one facing a health challenge?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, coming on a restorative personal retreat would be invaluable for you! Some of history's greatest people have relied on periodic retreats to find guidance and direction.

A retreat here at Serenity by the Sea will help you restore balance, find insight and rediscover your purpose. Your soul will breathe freely once more. As you enjoy the many special features we offer, you'll find clarity and perspective you have been looking for. Experience the vitality of robust gardens, the stillness of the forest, and a magical cliffside tub by the sea. Listen for answers in our 'wheel of life' labyrinth, and savour the stillness of meditation by our ponds and waterfalls.

I leave here with a sense of quiet I have not had in years, if ever–
an expansiveness in my sense of God and with an affirmation of my call–
an answer I had a long time ago–but being here helped me to realize it.
Thank you for this space-- for the bodywork—
for the gift of this place and time." Kerri

IT IS AS EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3!

1. YOU ARRIVE. Day 1. It takes the first day just for you to completely leave the city behind. On this day 'away' all your energy is taken up with distractions—finishing with work, driving, the ferries— just getting to where you can finally stop.


  • Cliffside Tub by the Sea
  • Wheel-of-life Labyrinth
  • Picnics
  • Hiking
  • Stimulating Sharing
  • Water Garden
  • Meditation Circuit
  • Transformational Library
  • and more...


  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Gestalt work
  • Creative Self-Discovery sessions
  • Detox Sauna

2. YOU REST. Day 2. On this important day you can get much needed rest, and register that you have actually done it: you are away! You start to see your new surroundings and feel new possibilities. Only now can you start to turn to the purpose for your retreat -- whatever it may be: work, life changes, healing, relationship, a creative project. Shera and I will support you with resources we have at Serenity.

3. YOU GO FOR IT! Day 3. By day three you are fully immersed in this new place -- and your program. Alive and alert, you have the energy now to apply yourself 100% to what you are here for. Shera and I will hold the focus with you, and if you wish, we'll help you achieve what you've come for, integrate it, and find ways to safeguard it for your return home.


4. BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT! It is the fourth day that breaks you free. It adds a sense of timelessness that gives add extra value to your getaway far beyond being an 'extra' day. It lets you round out the special retreat you have given yourself with even more of what you came for, and a chance to relish and anchor what you have gained.

It gives you the invaluable time you need to integrate your experience here. This means when you leave Serenity, you'll return home feeling restored -- and better able to keep the inner space you have gained -- the balance, the peace of mind and enthusiasm.

"I arrived in a rainy fog, both literally and personally.
My body had a cold my mental and emotional state were foggy.
Four quiet days and nights later the sun and gentle breezes
have poured across the island and into me.
I leave here with strength in my body and renewed clarity of mind—
My well is full of life, joy and a profound peace." Julie


3 days: $890 OR 4 days: $990;

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Retreat Intensive

Learn skills to understand—and deal creatively with—challenges you are facing. In this multi- stepping stonesfaceted 3-day guided retreat we will help you rise above and manage the changes in your work world, relationships or lifestyle. Clarify the issues, explore your options and connect with your inner strength, vision and resources.


"There are no words that can reallydescribe what these three days have meant to us. Thank you for welcoming a couple of lost souls to find their spirit again. Thank you for the serenity, the simplicity, the quiet." Tara and Rob

"Thanks for the serenity and magic—a very inspirational and liberating experience, both physically and psychically." Izabelle

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