Retreat & Healing Reviews

Natural Healer

Luannah is a natural healer with an awakened heart. I am forever grateful for Luannah’s kindness and wisdom. I highly recommend Luannah to anyone who needs help and even more so to anyone on the path of self exploration. Thank you Luannah!

Sarah F 


An Eye Opening Voyage

Receiving a Lomi Lomi healing treatment from Luannah Livermore, was a deeply moving experience and something far more authentic and powerfully healing than any other massage or Lomi Lomi session I had experienced.  It was an eye-opening voyage into the true wisdom of Hawaiian teachings, and the one-to-one dialogue, physical body work, traditional song, and massage helped bring awareness, connection, truth and release.  It was a profound experience enabling healing, integration, and transformation within.
 Having worked with Luannah over the course of a few years, I have experienced Luannah to be a wonderfully rich, joyful, compassionate therapist with purpose and vision.  Her deep sense of caring and authenticity translate to her work, practice and energy.  Luannah’s extensive background and commitment to her vision of helping others, in particular, her heart for women who have encountered abuse, create her to have a unique voice and gift.”  
Grace Park  


Gem of The Gulf Islands

” Luannah is a real gem in the Gulf Islands and in the Vancouver area, a shining light and deep healer on Galiano Island. Her work is filled with light, depth and Aloha spirit. I am very thankful for the beautiful session I had with her and I look forward to continue to work with her when possible. I highly recommend her healing practice to any of you looking for the real thing!!!!
 Celeste Snowber


Wisdom and Compassion

I first met Luannah at a SRT training about 8 years ago and at that time I saw in her some real gifts. She is very in tune with herself. And Her abilities Luannah keeps gaining new skills and uses them with wisdom and compassion. I believe she Receives and allows Spirit to move through her and her. Clients leave feeling accepted and enriched. I highly recommend her.

Sharon Anderson 


Direct and Powerful

Luannah’s healing methods are direct and powerful. Her healing energies are channeled through her kind heart and wise words. I know I am in good hands with her unique approach and feel respected and transformed when I leave each session.



The Real Thing

Luannah is the ‘real thing’! She brings passion and joy to her work and transmits it wonderfully through her counselling and massage. A Lomi Lomi massage with Luannah focuses on the integration of body, mind, and spirit. I left feeling revitalized and with a new perspective on dealing with the stressors in my life. Thank you Luannah!
Hilde C.,


From No Hope to Completely Transforming My Life

I went to see Luannah in one of the darkest moments of my life.
I had almost completely given up hope and was once again questioning if I could sustain my agony and the pain I felt so deeply. I told her she was my last hope.

I’d been to see many therapists over the years. Taken medications for anxiety and depression. Sought help through natural medicine and although I managed to get of heavy medications I was not thriving and just barely surviving. I felt completely hopeless.
I suffered severe childhood trauma. Sexual abuse, Rape, physical and verbal abuse by boyfriends well into adulthood.

My nervous system was completely fried and I didn’t see how it could be possible I find enough happiness to have a life worth living. I was haunted by trauma and reliving them with every trigger I experienced.

Through Luannah I have found hope. Lots of it! I gained huge insight into my behaviours and got real tools of empowerment that have changed my life. Thoughts of suicide are not my place of comfort and escape anymore. Luannah’s ability to incorporate so many healing modalities into her sessions with me are such a gift and allow our sessions to evolve and change.

My place of safety is in knowing I have Luannah to guide me to a deeper knowing and that I have the ability and capacity to change.
Luannah’s ability to empower you while having true empathy and understanding for your experience is her true gift.

So many times in the past in other more conventional modalities I didn’t grow. I didn’t receive the deeper understanding and knowing that lead to true empowerment.
When you understand you have the power to change it changes everything. There is light. There is hope and you can learn to love yourself enough to keep showing up each day with want and purpose.

Because Luannah has been through Trauma she understands in a way I believe only those with Trauma truly can. Making her capacity to help on my journey, a true light and force that has kept me grounded and moving toward my self discovery and a happier healthier life.
When I went to see Luannah for the first time I told her she was my last hope.
In hindsight that was a lot of pressure!

I had never before been open to any alternative healing modalities and the only reason I was there to see her is because it truly was to be my last attempt to hang on to this life.
I was so desperate that I was wide open. More open than I’d ever been. Just hoping and praying for some kind of miracle. A shift in consciousness and awareness and I got it with Luannah.
I’m not religious but nature/God was at work this day and I am forever grateful for the connection made with Luannah. It has changed my life.
Another benefit I find from working with Luannah is that she allows the option of not putting limits on time.

Allowing for sessions to end when they naturally feel concluded.
I had found it an incredibly frustrating dynamic with conventional therapy to be limited by time. I often left sessions feeling really vulnerable and not finished having been unnaturally cut off.
Please if you are suffering know there is hope and when you learn your own ability and strength the healing and hope will come❤️



Heartfelt and Inspired

 Luannah is a miracle worker who was born to be a healer! My husband and I were super impressed with her heartfelt and inspired approach and the wide range of unique healing modalities she uses! I highly recommend Luannah!



Breadth of Skill and Knowledge

I have seen Luannah over a period of 15 years. Her ability to create and hold a healing space is a solid foundation for her practice. Luannah’s open heart and breadth of skill and knowledge make her support invaluable to my personal growth. She is a woman bravely transforming herself and supporting others to transform suffering into light. I’m forever thankful.

Tesa Cournoyer 


From Burned out to Rejuvenated 

I arrived at Serenity By The Sea burnt out with little joy, hope or balance in my life. Two days working with Luannah gave me the hope, strength and ability to focus on a bright and fulfilling future. Negativity, bad energy and depression gone. Its the start of a new journey which may not have been possible without the wisdom, heartfelt care and grace of Luannah. I will forever be grateful for her intervention, a life changing and heart opening beautiful time.

The location is aptly named; stunningly beautiful, cosy and the whole family so welcoming.

Thank you Luannah, I look forward to visiting and working with you again.

Susan Nicols


Awesome Experience!

I received a lomi lomi also called a Hawaiian Healing from Luannah. It was really a awesome experience in a gentle way she went deep and loosened some traumas I had been holding for a long time. I would love to have her work with me again



Authentic and Powerful Energy

I had the most amazing experience at Serenity by the Sea with Luannah. The space she has created is truly magical. As soon as I  took a step into her healing cottage  I knew I was in a place filled with Love. The entire property is enveloped by natural beauty of lush forest and the gentle sound of the creek.

I had been to Serenity by the Sea many years ago when Shera and her partner owned it. I loved it at that time, the ocean views, the eagles flying overhead and the land always held a special place in my heart. Now that Luannah and her husband Juan have taken it over they have added an additional layer of love and caring.

My sessions with Luannah in her cottage were life changing. She is Divinely guided with her gentle, authentic and  powerful energy and has extensive training, experience and knowledge with numerous modalities. When I arrived the first day we had an open, meaningful discussion, she listened intently and was guided as we chatted.  She has a very special gift of knowing just the right timing and the correct treatment that my body and soul were calling for.  I spent 3 days with her and could have stayed for a week. Luannah shared her special gifts of sound healing, Lomi Lomi and deep love of nature, connecting in at all levels.

I appreciate the resources she also shared with me from her own teachers. These tools I will use for a lifetime.

On my final day, I told her now I know what Heaven is like, I went to the most beautiful, peaceful place during out treatment and she told me, “heaven on earth is a frequency and  choice, it is not a place we must find”. I feel very blessed to have spent time with her and am very joyful  to say I did embrace Heaven on Earth at Serenity by the Sea. I encourage everyone to experience this truly beautiful place on Galiano Island. I will be back again very soon.

Luannah and Juan, thank you for keeping this place so special and sacred.

With Love and many Blessings,



Expertise Around Trauma

Luannah is extraordinary. She quickly cuts to the heart of any issue with a deep understanding and clear, actionable next steps toward healing. Luannah has worked with my family, and I have recommended her to friends with glowing feedback. Her expertise around trauma and the methods she employs to work through it keeps you moving forward in a safe, secure way – Luannah’s care extends well beyond the sessions, as she is truly invested in helping people.

Michelle V. 


Life Changing Experience

I went to visit Luannah during a very troubling phase in my life. I came from the states taking a plane, a train, a ferry and finally a rental car to get there. I arrived late at night and Luannah couldn’t have made me feel more welcome and comfortable upon my arrival. Her property is absolutely stunning I can only describe it as a page out of a fairytale book. I worked with Luannah for days going through different self healing practices. I left Luannah a changed person and I will forever be grateful for the gifts she gave to me. It was truly a life changing experience and I can’t wait to go back to visit her again!

Devon Blogna 


Healing Power

Luannah’s healing power came into my life quite by accident, when I stayed at her beautiful retreat space. Meeting her became a turning point in my life. During our session many things had been revealed and I finally received the answer to a painful question I have been seeking, without any success, for many unhappy years. That was the first day on my journey to true emotional healing. Nothing is a coincidence in our lives. And I’m grateful for meeting and getting to know this amazing person, a natural healer, emanating so much wisdom and love from within.



Complete Peace

My session with Luannah was amazing and left me feeling completely at peace, connected and centred after some incredibly deep work. I had initially booked a massage but as we started to work together the session went in a different direction and i was so grateful Luannah could draw on and weave together her multiple skills and healing modalities to support me in what I needed. It was truly a healing experience as she skillfully attuned to and guided me with breath, movement, sound healing, and finally also massage. I wholeheartedly recommend Luannah – she’s a gem!




Full of Love and Guidance

I meet Luannah 12yrs ago, when I had the pleasure, of working beside her massaging, at Galliano Oceanfront Inn. To say the least she has helped tremendously through my murky traumas over the years.. A beautiful light full of love and guidance, from her gifted song&voice, helped me through my sobriety. We all get caught up with paths that only we can walk through experience. One of pure friendship I will always have with this lovely soul. Luannah’s book, Resilience,Grace and the Art of Showing up. An absolutely heart warming,inspiring book, that personally help change my outlook on my own heart wrenching experiences, to a beautiful outcome of freedom&love.. Thank you so very much for your kindness&graceful compassion.. your bravery of telling your story to the world! A true rare gem🙏☀️✌💚

Tracie Bury Calgary Alberta


Best Healing Arts This Side of Kauai

While visiting Galiano Island in B.C’s beautiful Gulf Islands, my wife and I expected a certain amount of magic, and we were not disappointed. We were surprised and delighted to find Hawaiian Healing Hub, a warm and welcoming place where we could experience the ‘Mana” of Hawaii in this healing centre with a combination of professional, client centred focus combined with a true healing touch.

Luannah provides therapies to soothe the body and soul. You can choose to be pampered and invigorated by a wide range of services from reflexology, massage, meditation and life coaching to ancient Hawaiian Healing Arts.

Luannah has the Mana!! Do yourself a favour- from the tips of your toes to the centre of your heart- treat yourself to the best in the healing arts this side of Kauai.
Rick Orr- Travel Writer  


Best Massages I have ever had

“Luannah has a deep visceral understanding of the physical and energetic body. Her compassion and intuition allowed me to to heal and relax on a deep emotional level. Simply put, the best massages I have ever had.
Cheers,Derek D.


Epic Healing Journey

Approximately eight years ago, life as I knew it – as a very happily married mother of 2 young boys with a successful career as the VP of Marketing for a Canadian national distribution company – changed forever when both my husband of 16 years (who was 39 at the time) and my father (and business mentor) were both diagnosed with terminal cancer on Valentine’s Day 2003.  Both my husband and father passed away within 12 months of their diagnosis.  Needless to say, the road to recovery from grief towards acceptance and healing has been
long and difficult.   

In May of 2012, with my two sons having reached maturity (20 and 22) and recently relocated to another city, I decided to take a trip to visit a long time friend in Vancouver.  So began what after a short time I started to call “the epic journey” during which I determined to let other people direct where I would go and what I would do.  After a couple of weeks experiencing Vancouver, Victoria and Salt Spring Islands, I landed at the Galiano Inn on Galiano Island.

 During my stay on Galiano Island, I had the good fortune of booking several appointments with Luannah including body scrub, healing crystal sound bowls, and massage.  Immediately upon meeting Luannah, I felt her positive energy and intuitive nature.  During the treatments themselves, I found that not only was Luannah skilled in the practical physical techniques of massage and relaxation, she was also a skilled listener and practiced healer.  
By the time Luannah had finished massaging and talking with me, I was crying like a baby and felt released from my grief and survivor guilt at a deeper level than I had previously experienced.  Afterwards, Luannah introduced me to the Aloha commitment which we reviewed together, followed by my reading it out loud and signing the commitment to my personal growth and healing.

 I was so taken with my time with Luannah that I booked a further healing session with her the following day during which Luannah presented me with a written assignment delving into various areas of my life which needed exploration, acceptance and healing.  Following our discussion of these personal matters, Luannah performed a beautiful Hawaiian healing ritual involving singing bowls with her lovely vocal accompaniment.  

 During our discussions that day, Luannah recommended that the next stop on my epic journey should be to the big Island of Hawaii and Kaua’i referring me to certain spiritual teachers and places she had experienced in her tutelage in Hawaiian healing on the islands.  Allowing that Luannah was a very intuitive person, I followed this recommendation immediately upon returning to my friend’s place in Vancouver by booking a 10 day trip (5 days on each island) – which turned into a 5 week epic journey of healing 🙂

Needless to say, I have a deep appreciation of Luannah’s talents as a
spiritual healer and would recommend her services to anyone suffering from the various difficulties we face in life. 

With the very best wishes to Luannah in her endeavours going forward and with deep gratitude,
Danielle Pierce


Immediate Connection and Trust with Luannah

I felt an immediate connection to Luannah and  quickly trusted her that I could open up to my most inner feelings and inadequacies without worrying about any judgment. I found the Hawaiian principles that she introduced resonated with my belief system which has caused me to explore that path more. She exhibits a very rare passion and devotion to sharing her gifts.’     
Corinne C.         


Touched Me Deeply

The “Luanna experience” touched me deeply. It reminded me of a technician diagnosing a troubled engine.
The process allowed me to finally deal with and release some inner demons that plagued me from childhood. Luannah, God sent , trusting spirit articulated this wonderful experience.
 Bruce C.


I Always Leave A Better Person

Bodywork or not, simply being in Luannah’s loving presence

is enough to soothe my spirit and escort my body to a state of bliss. I always leave a better person. Now that’s being gifted!’

 D.Sekouldes, Shared Vision Magazine


Personal and Intuitive Style

Drawing on training from Berlin to Bangkok, 
Luannah mixes and melds from widely varying schools of
massage to come up with a personal, intuitive style. 
For once, I actually finish a massage feeling better than I did at the beginning.’
        Globe and Mail April 4,2001.


The Best Ever

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of knowing and working with Luannah for 10 years.  She is without a doubt the best masseuse I’ve ever worked with.  She has incredible passion and is constantly training to improve her knowledge in the healing arts.  If you have a chance, must experience a massage with her.
Thamoh Peniket


Simply Astounding!

Luannah’s energy work and healing touch were restorative on so many levels it’s hard to know where to begin. Through the initial use of massage and biosonic tuning forks, Luannah helped to release deep pockets of physical and psychological pain that I could no longer contain.
Through the profound Crystal Singing Bowl session that followed, and through ongoing bodywork and breath work, I have felt my soul vibrate and levitate, blessed by Luannah’s sacred song and counsel.
Luannah’s deep connection to divinity is absolutely tangible upon meeting her. Her generosity of spirit and warm light is a gift with each visit.
I am so grateful for her understanding, her humour, her love and her teachings. The manifestation of joy and happiness she’s helped me to foster in my own life has been simply astounding! Mahalo!    
 Liza M.


Luannah Created Spiritual Space For Healing

“After struggling with depression and PTSD from childhood trauma and repeatedly falling down and failing, with traditional therapies and counselling not helping, I started looking for options, and found Luannah while researching retreats. 

We exchanged a few long emails, me telling her my long story while she thoughtfully attempted to lead me to important and meaningful insights which I was reticent to accept and pushed back and actually cancelled a two day retreat as I was too deep into my despair to see the light and didn’t believe anything could possibly help. She would send me life affirming quotes and I would be grateful but also have this feeling of oh man how did I get to this point in my life where life affirming quotes are incredibly helpful and to have someone send me an email with a quote and a sunset is actually helping me get through this day.

A few months went by from when I cancelled and as you can imagine things got much worse my job, my relationships, my health started to suffer. I was at rock bottom again…. 

Then the fog started to lift thanks to modern medicine but I was still in so much spiritual and psychological pain still spinning the same unhelpful soundtrack and I wasn’t moving forward. I realized how the self punishment and patterns from my developmental years were holding me back creating the same unhelpful and painful present and future over and over again along my path. Creating the chaos I longed to escape as a child in all my relationships. Keeping me stuck and making me sick.

I decided it was time to take a big step and meet with luannah and I am so grateful that I did for a two half day retreat. 

Through luannah’s combination of life coaching, counselling, Hawaiian healing philosophy, expert reflexology, lomi lomi massage along with her personal insight, compassion and guidance, she has helped to create the spiritual space I needed for my healing to take root, provided me with tools to help me live in the present and hopefully build a bright future. I’m ready to move forward and do my best every day. 

I feel that spending time with luannah has shifted things for me in the way that traditional medicine and counselling has been unable to help with. 

The retreat I experienced these past few days is something I would recommend to anyone in need of recharging their batteries to those in need of deep restorative healing, with luannah you will be in good hands while truly relaxing on a beautiful island. 
-A.S. Vancouver BC

Magical Experience

“I am thrilled to share my magical experience recieving a Lomi Lomi massage from Luannah Livermore. 
I’m blessed to have enjoyed hundreds of different types of bodywork from as many different practitioners in many different countries. 
The Lomi Lomi massage from Luannah was one of my absolute top experiences!
Luannah’s work uncovered some old wounds stored deep in my physical body memories. She brought it up and out in the most loving and comfortable ways and I could literally feel the emotional/physical pain leaving my body.
​The nurturing massage part was simply delicious and the music and her singing made it a
5 star session.
if you ever have the opportunity to enjoy a Lomi Lomi massage with Luannah ,Book it!
Its one of a kind! I wish I could receive one every day.
Susan Carollo, Certified SRT & SPR Teacher and Healer, Sedona, Arizona