Getaway to where your soul can breathe

Experience the tranquil alcoves and rejuvenating spaces of Galiano Island’s premier spa and retreat. A sanctuary in the Salish Sea, this oasis in the Pacific Northwest offers holistic healing amidst nature’s embrace. Feel the gentle touch of expert hands during a massage, or find inner peace through guided meditation sessions. Above, the sound of rustling leaves complements the soothing melodies of our relaxation lounges, while the aroma of essential oils fills the air, promising a transformative journey for both body and soul.

Combine Spa
with Nature

At Serenity by the Sea, we seamlessly blend spa indulgence with nature’s tranquility. Our treatments, deeply rooted in the beauty of our surroundings, offer a rejuvenating experience that echoes the peaceful rhythms of the coastal environment, ensuring a holistic retreat for both mind and body.

Massage and Healing

Massage alleviates tension, calms the nervous system, and promotes healing. Our tailored approach integrates various disciplines for specific needs.

Energy Healing refines the body, mind, and soul, addressing the frequencies our being emits. As innate energetic entities, the energies we engage will influence our wellbeing.

Personal and Couples Retreat

Personal: Retreat from life’s hustle, rejuvenating with tools and insights for a harmonious journey. Dive deep into introspection and healing amidst Serenity’s tranquility.

Couples: Embrace differences as strength. Deepen connections by understanding mutual needs and refining communication in our serene setting.

Life Coaching

HeartMath Coaching:  Enhance resilience using HeartMath’s tools, balancing heart and brain. Deep breathing methods tone the Vagus nerve, combating inflammation.

Hawaiian Ho’oponopono: Dive into Hawaiian traditions with HAUMANA. Harness your innate power, heal past wounds, and embrace an authentic life. Healing begins with feeling.

“I arrived exhausted and left a renewed woman…energized physically and psycho-spiritually by Luannah’s gentle but deep healing body and soul work.”

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