Feel a new expansiveness in your body, and a profound sense of re-integration.

Our bodywork at Serenity is unique and has been developed over 30 years. It works deeply and gently, to shed tension both physically and energetically and making room for natural 'healing'. You'll breathe more freely..

"I honestly believe I haven't been as relaxed as this in six months." Jenny
"I feel like a million bucks." Warren

Choose one of five ways to nurture your body at Serenity.

1. Core Relaxation Massage

Core Relaxation for expansive body integration

Core Relaxation Massage is a seamless blend of bodywork and energy work developed here at Serenity by Chidakash. It combines pulsing movement with gentle twists that invite the body to open and release tension. It employs delicious stretches and long stokes to open and encourage the flow of energy throughout your body.

Core Relaxation works at all levels to influence you beneath your mind at your core. It works deeply and non-intrusively. Muscles relax, joints open. You will feel energy flowing again.

You will discover new ways of seeing your body, of being in it and working with it. And you will learn ways to release stress before it can build up so you will have more energy available to accomplish what you want to accomplish. 1 hours: $90

2. Touch for Two

Learning new ways of sharing intimacy

Touch for Two teaches a dynamic way of sharing intimacy for a new level of nurturing and caring between you and a partner or friend.

You will each receive a massage from Chidakash while the other watches and learns—hands on—ways to access your own creative touch.

You will learn naturally intuitive ways to relieve aching backs, release stiff shoulder, and expand the body into relaxation.

Most importantly you will each learn to tune in to the energy you share together, and to trust your sensitivity. You will gain confidence as you learn how your touch can nourish another, mind, body and spirit.

The time you share in Touch for Two is like planting a seed from which you will reap the fruits long into your future together. 3 hours: $195; 5 hours: $275

3. Reiki

Reiki-Channelling the Universal Energy

In Reiki a gentle and powerful style of energy work from Japan, the universal energy, ki, is made available to you through the gentle placement of hands on your body.

As Shera works with you, this energy is channeled into your body for healing and relaxation at all levels. You will be able to experience your body's calm essence, as a wellspring of vitality and wholeness.

Shera was trained in the original Reiki form and has practiced Reiki for 30 years in a style that is uniquely her own. 1 hour: $90

4. Deluxe Relaxation Package

Deluxe Relaxation Package

In our Deluxe Relaxation Package we have combined several of the unique Features of Serenity by the Sea Retreat to create a luxurious sensation of deep peace and relaxation. In this multi-sensual 2½-3 hours program you will reach a sweet stillness of body and mind that is rarely felt.

  • Start by spending 20 minutes under a spell woven by the wonderful tones of the healing crystal and Tibetan bowls
  • Then relax and expand with one hour of Core Relaxation massage and/or Reiki;
  • Finally, luxuriate in our cliffside tub, suspended between sky and sea in the nurturing expanse of Nature around you. Linger half an hour or an hour, or as long as you need to feel complete. 2 - 3 hours: $190
  • "Wow! Now that is what a massage should be." Christine

    "Sensually intuitive...deep and healing.... Chidakash's massages are heavenly, the best I've ever had." Spar

    "Shera's massage is magic. She weaves strength and warmth into the body and breath into the soul."Marian

    "Chidakash's touch is intense, giving, energizing and warm. It is a deep and thorough massage and I feel completely integrated in my body." Nancy

    "Shera's massage was a wonderously relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I felt enveloped, safe and delicious!" Angela

    "Chidakash has a wonderful touch like a flowing dance." Nancy

    "This is the best massage I have ever had at any time--anywhere." Christie

    "The bodywork with Chidakash was an extraordinary gift on so many levels. I'm back in my body again." Karen

    "That was by far the best, most relaxing and educational massage I have experienced, Thank you Chidakash for a marvelous memory." Theresa

    " The couple's massage was a truly delightful experience. We really appreciated Chidakash's gentle techniques and his kind manner. It was an experience of relaxation and release that will be relived again and again as we practice what we learned and develop our own intuitive approach. Thank you for such a lovely gift. " Shannon & Steve

    "Surprised to find out that I can learn how the body is willing to loosen up--you have merely to set it in motion at its core." Andre

    "This was my first experience with massage and it was very special--extremely positive. I found Chidakash's teaching approach was like mind, body and soul together." Kevin

    "Shera is a powerful and compassionate healer whose unique reiki healing has enabled me to move through some very deep and old wounds and dis-ease." Sharron

    "I have never experienced such deep yet pleasurable inner work -- Shera is a clear channel and a remarkable facilitator of self-healing." Sally

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