The Sunrise Suite

In this wonderful space you will feel surrounded--suspended--in the embrace of Nature.

The Sunrise Suite invites the outside in with window walls on two sides soaring to the vaulted ceiling 20 feet overhead. On the ocean side the windows rise in parallel with stately cedar trees mere feet outside. On the other side they look out to a deck and garden against the backdrop of the island forest.

You will be welcomed into his luxuriously spacious suite by honey-warm tones of large fir beams overhead and softwood flooring below. In the spring, fall and summer, the Sunrise Suite fills with light in the morning and afternoon.

Woodstove.The glass-fronted woodstove on a bold stone hearth will warm you at night in the colder seasons

Private Entrance In this quiet sanctuary whether you are on retreat alone or with a friend, you can drop out of the world completely and initiating contact only when you wish. Lofts overhead and offer further possibilities for seclusion.

KitchenetteWith a small countertop stove and fridge, you can enjoy the freedom of preparing snacks and meals whenever you wish.

Double EnsuiteThe Sunrise Suite has two en suites. One contains a sunken bath with a window to the trees. The second has the toilet separately, in the european style.

When you turn the lights out at night the high window walls
will give you the illusion of sleeping under the stars...

"It's hard to fight the goodness of being
when the stars, moon, forests, and oceans
placidly and gently, but persistently
envelope you with calmness and love." Charlie

"Such safety to snuggle in—so much support for simply being."Virginia

"It would be so easy to stay and curl up into this womb you offer here" Ellen

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Sea View Haven Chalet
Sea View Haven Chalet
Sunrise Suite
The Sunrise Suite
Windsail Room
The Windsail Room


"I've had back problems for over 10 years. While Physio Therapy and some massage has helped over the years,only Luannah's massage therapy has brought me ?complete relief for an extended period of time. Luannah is very knowledgeable and great at what she does!
She is a healer who cares about her clients. The only problem is that I live to far away!"
- Marc T, Boston - NeuroScientist

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