water fall in the winter




The Welcome Book

We invite our guests to share what they have experienced at Serenity in writings, poetry and artworkto, welcome you upon your arrival. We,re sure you too will be struck by the exhuberance, sincerity and creativity of their comments.



I woke to cedar boughs dancing over my head and sunbeams playing on the ocean beneath me. How can I not be touched by the beauty around me and feel the peace I had lost??

Symphony of harmony—woods, water, wind, wings wonder! Music of the mystery! Sounds of the sacred silence! Sue
Soothing sound, the birds, the water flowing, the wind in the trees—and the sound of no wind…All beautiful noise for my mind, body and soul. Thanks you for creating this wonderful home and spiritual space for us to share with you both.
Sometimes the weave of mountain, tree, bird and sea make patterns in your heart.
Your tub in the wild nature...Lying at midnight in the hot water, hearing the nature voices and being alone with mother earth. Oh how I want to have it again...and I will.
Seeing grass leaves with dew so much more beautiful painted by nature. Hearing the sounds of the ocean, the bees and the smells of nature. I can look at all this wonder now and rejoice in it, and see it as it is.

Rain comes over the hills
black ducks dive in clear water
the winter sea shines

eagle sings in wind
the sea is a meadow of waves
flowers bloom on stone

water falling through flowers,
a clear circle above the sea
thank you for serenity

Got to play and work, to paddle and climb, to watch otters and seals, eagles and hawks. Talked about fables and goats. Loved and bathed in starlight. Money can't buy this.
Moon-lit bath with laughing waters tumbling down to the sea
under an inverted big dipper tipping star-shine into the tree tops
Midnight walking to the full moon through Galiano's trees
Thanks for the nurturing!

Spending Sunday on the water meditating, singing, painting has to have been one of the most peaceful joyous days of my life. Vicki

I watch the whispers of earth's breath dimple the vast waters...filled with the peace that passes understanding
overflowing with thankfulness and gratitude
to the One who made it all.

Mark and Shirley
Light and shadow dance in my mind. Pulsing.
The tide laps at my memory--
searching to stop the tears and leave renewed life force.
And somewhere in this peace the eye of the storm
I at last find a breath of serenity.



Time is elastic here
all the surround allows me to be. Thank you.


Inner Peace calming me from my soul.

Truly a place of serenity, natural beauty, love and ultimately--inner healing. We will be back.
Michael + Maurizio

The opportunity to just go inside and breathe in the peacefulness of this very special place has truly been a joy to me.
I am washed clean by gentle breezes, rain, ocean spray--I hold in my heart many moments of laughter and loving touch, the incredible coziness of wood and light. Such safety to snuggle in--so much support for simply being. Virginia
I leave here with a sense of quiet I have not had in years, if ever--an expansiveness in my sense of God and with an affirmation of my call--an answer I had a long time ago--but being here helped me to realize it. Thank you for this space--for the bodywork--for the gift of this place and time.
Whatever you think you're coming for is one thing.
What you go home with is much much more. Lynn

Thanks for all the support and inspiration! Thanks for stubbornly carrying out your dream--and giving me the strength to do the same. Somal
My experience is one of unity...in my inner core is a still point, waiting, patient, curious, in awe, playful, creative and non-judgmental--that just is.
I arrived in a rainy fog, both literally and personally. My body had a cold my mental and emotional state were foggy and coccooning.
Four quiet days and nights later the sun and gentle breezes have poured across the island and into me. I leave here with strength in my body and renewed clarity of mind--ready to be vulnerable...My well is full of life, joy and a profound peace.


Consistently Sweet
The mystic sea
Washes over me
Cleansing my soul
At last I'm still,
Free from triumph
And despair
Enraptured by the melodies
Of dancing waters
Blessed be.


Within my heart and to my bed
i lay me down in this angel nest
i breathe this stillness and i am at rest


Thank you for the windows to the stars from my bed, ginger tea, lacey green moss and a bath with violets that I will never forget.


Although I came alone I never once felt lonely

  Thanks for the space of Serenity...to de-stress, peel away layers of world-callous, to look deeply and clearly into our love-pool and glide on the outer layer of earth's soul. Andre
Spiritual Freedom.
I set the limits for what I know.
Choose to soar, I am already whole.
Phosphoressence--transparent green.
Magic happens in the darkness
When life moves and energy flows.

I never imagined such a calm isolated wonderful natural place like this. It took me back to my childhood.

From my essence flows my power to create miracles and abundance --for that is what I am - - -

Being here is a continual flow of light, like a river through the channels of my land. It is music from water and wind, it is chimes of laughter and tones of truth coming out of us like a long lost friend. And it is friends, new ones, who find places in us that make us grow, like filling a garden with more flowers.
M y gift was to come to the realization that one of my passions is to teach "Sacred dance Circles". I was able to stop long enough to feel the strong feelings well up in my heart. I felt much joy when I was here. Laura


A home, a sculpture, a gathering of friends. Loved it!
We have enjoyed the Serenity of the Sea, the Island, and your awesome garden. Shera -- the artwork is spectacular. Rick and Colleen

Goodie, Good, Good. Such a good place. I'm glad we found you. Rhoda

Thanks for the serenity and magic—a very inspirational and liberating experience, both physically and psychically. Izabelle

I never felt the presence of Spirit as I did that day.

I never imagined such calm isolated wonderful natural place like this. Avner 

My trees were inviting me to venture in dark wooded places unknown to my soul. Soo-o safe now.


The tub will be missed! Chris and Ase
Smells of the ocean
Tall trees whispering above
A place to connect

Salima and Joseph
The serenity, the sea and the fellowship were truly healing and will stay with me throughout the long cold winter days of Alberta. Janet


Love is always here.

Whilst in bed here I sensed creative energy glowing untrammelled through the entire house. I will always remember the peace and serenity of this little Galiano retreat.

By creating this precious space called Serenity by the Sea, you have allowed me to feel so safe, so honored, so revered that this treasured Self has burst forth and I am enchanted with wonder and joy! Thanks you for the countless time a day I am "back at Serenity" cherishing these memories in my mind and my heart.

Wonderful awakenings. An island paradise in a world of transition. Thank you. Bruce
I had been searching for a whole year to find a place that I could release all my city built-up tension. The physical environment and your graciousness has allowed me to do this. I know that I shall remember this place and my usual spinning off will be centered and calmed. I shall remember the endless sky, the calm waters gently lapping the shore, the colours of green, the chirps of birds (oh! especially the squirrels tossing cones out of trees and chuckling hysterically)
You have inspired me to go on and explore my own creative goals. Know that you are contributing to world peace and the wellness of others
Well, it was what I expected and more. I think I started a sleep marathon! I've come away from serenity feeling "whole" again, and very rested—ready to face the world again.
It is amazing how quickly people, presumably with at least the potential to be compatible, fall into ease with one another—in the right environment. Thank you for creating that environment.

I have been here for 3 major changes in my career and every time I come I feel peace. Thank you for creating such a space.

I  didn't know what I would find here...I found love
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