Dealing creatively with the changes you are facing.

Learn to deal creatively with the changes you are facing.

You will feel empowered to be more effective at work, and able to create quality time with the people you care about.

Discover the positive opportunities in challenges before you. Reconnect with your strength, vision and creativity. Conquer the chaos of indecision in work, relationship, health or creativity, and return home rebalanced and revitalized—in touch again with the source of your own Inner Wisdom.

A Powerful Tool The Next Step is a powerful tool that will give you a fresh perspective on key areas you are addressing. Our intention is to be entirely responsive to your preferences, your personal rhythms and priorities. Although these three days draw on an exceptional variety of elements and experiences, we will ensure you have time and techniques to integrate all you are discovering, so you will be able to maintain the changes when you are home again.

"Thanks for all the support and inspiration! Thanks for stubbornly carrying out your dream--and giving me the strength to do the same." Somal

"I have been here for 3 major changes in my career and every time I come I feel peace. Thank you for creating such a space." Trina

This program draws on a wide range of elements

  • 3 Nights Accommodation
  • Core Relaxation Massage 1� hrs
  • Reiki Energy Balancing 1 hrs
  • 3 contact hours with Shera in the area of your focus
  • Crystal Toning session
  • Deluxe Relaxation Session
  • Far infrared detox sauna
  • Anti-stress training
  • Personalised yoga sessions
  • Wheel of Life Labyrinth work
  • Cliffside Tub by the Sea
  • Sensory-awakening exercise
  • Natural Meditation Practice
  • Journalling
  • Creative Self Discovery


FIRST: FIND SPACE When you arrive at Serenity by the Sea Retreat, you will experience the healing dimensions of relaxation, free of distractions. Part relaxation and part relaxation training, you�ll enjoy the quiet of Serenity. Re-connect with the healing gifts of Nature. Walk in the gardens. Sit by the sea, read and nap.

"Whatever you think you're coming for is one thing.
What you go home with is much much more." Lynn

Over these three days you will rediscover the pleasures that your body can give you. Nurture your body with Core Relaxation Massage or reiki; yoga, infrared detox sauna and luxurious soaks in our tub by the sea. All included.

THE NEXT STEP: FOCUS Llfe transitions, periods of change or new beginnings, often give rise to internal turmoil. One part of you sees what you are unsatisfied or �finished� with. Another sees what you �should� be doing. Yet another struggles with finding out what you actually want to be doing.These Internal voices contradict one another and make clear thinking impossible. In this 3-day program Shera and I will help you discover what your next step will be.

We�ll recommend the resources and services here to support you � and tailor them to match your priorities, your personal rhythms and preferences. We 'hold the energy' and focus with you.

WIDE-RANGING APPROACH Our wide-ranging approach to this work draws on many different modalities and experiential work, including special sensory-awakening exercises, guidance in yoga, Natural meditation practices, and Wheel of Lifelabyrinth work and crystal toning. A key part of your retreat will be 3 contact hours with Shera during which you will learn to hear your internal voices more clearly, and see the underlying issues.

When you can see the challenge clearly, the resolution is not far behind.

FINALLY: INTEGRATION AND RE-ENTRY. Over these three days you will rediscover your Vision and Purpose. In our work with you, you will have time to integrate what you are discovering. And we will help you prepare a strategy to re-enter your normal life with what you have learned intact.

We will help you develop practical tools to retain and apply your new strengths and insights when you return home, so you can deal creatively with the changes ahead.

"I am reborn into a new childhood to rediscover, learn." Shirley


3 days: $890 OR 4 days: $990.

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A Personal Retreat

Find Inner Strength and Balance. Reconnect with your Purpose and Vision. There is no better gift restorative retreat you can give yourself than to take time occasionally to pause and reflect, and to reconnect with your own creative spirit and strengths in an empowering personal retreat at Serenity by the Sea.

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