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“I arrived exhausted and left a renewed woman…energized physically and psycho-spiritually by Luannah’s gentle but deep healing body and soul work.”

-Dr.Tereasa Wood MD

Your Journey to Wholeness Begins Here


MASSAGE and Healing

Lomi Lomi

Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation Massage


Shamanic Hawaiian Healing

Expressive Dance

Energy Healing

Sound Healing

Spiritual Restructuring

Spiritual Response Therapy


Give yourself the opportunity to receive.


Massage will relieve chronic tension, relax your nervous system and give your body the opportunity to unwind and heal. I integrate multiple massage disciplines to customize to your bodies specific issues.


Energy Healing helps us to clear discordant frequencies and heal & refine body mind and soul.

At our foundation, we are all Energetic Beings. Everything in existence is formed of energy. Thoughts, beliefs, emotions etc., all generate and emit a frequency that directly impacts our biology. Too much negativity in our world can drain us. 

Personal and couples healing retreats






We all need time away from the daily stresses in life that can distract and take us away from living in joy and passion, taking the time to process and integrate life challenges and to get in touch with ourselves at a deeper level.

 A retreat is like getting a reboot  and receiving new downloads to deeply heal and help you accomplish whatever it is you seek to be and create in your life. You will learn new strategies, perceptions and effective life changing tools to navigate your day to day life with greater ease, fulfillment and harmony.

At Serenity you have space to go inward,  reflect and heal. Time to rest and be.


Differences don’t need to divide. They can actually unite us when we open the space to learn and understand eachothers needs, vulnerabilities and triggers.

Learn new ways to interact, see and know each other  and yourself, to increase your capacity to communicate and understand each other from a deeper perspective and awareness.

Life Coaching

HeartMath Coaching

 Build Resilience -learn tools and life skills on how to navigate stress without being stressed.

These techniques were scientifically developed by The Institute of HeartMath, who many years ago,  discovered brain cells in the heart. Through that discovery they saw how important  it is to balance our Heart Coherency in order to balance our brain.

A recent medical discovery has shown that deep breath work techniques, such as in HeartMath and Lomi Lomi, helps relax and tone the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus nerve is closely connected to the stress/inflammation response in our body. When we “tone” scientific results have shown a significant decrease in inflammation.


Traditional Hawaiian  Ho’oponopono Talk Story Counselling

HAUMANA– Birthing Your True Power

You will learn  essential healing principles of Hawaii to live an empowered life of personal soverieghnty and authority.

Heal Trauma  Release the energetic and emotional charges still in your body from traumatic events. The nervous system knows no time. If we haven’t released and reconciled it, it is still current and effects every aspect of our life and relationships until we heal it.

“We have to feel what we feel in order to Heal”


We invite you to explore the variety of treatments that we offer, providing you with the best ways to relax, unwind and feel energized and come alive!

Personal Growth and Development

Retreat Rates

First session is always Ho’oponopono Talk Story after that you can choose the other sessions as you wish to fulfill the amount of hours chosen. These rates are for the Healing Work only, the suite is added on top. 

 Basic Retreat 2 day

4 hours $745 + gst
Intensive Retreat 2 day
6 hours $1,125 +gst
Full Immersion 2 day 
8 hours $1,485 + gst
Basic Retreat 3 day
6 hours $1,115 + gst
Intensive Retreat
12 hours $2,225 + gst
Full Immersion
16 hours $2,965 + gst
Longer retreats are also available, the amount of hours and days will be individually calculated based on what is chosen. For example, some come for four to five days and only work 2 hours a day, some incorporate a day off in longer retreats as well. The choice is yours.
Retreat Flow
The first session of every retreat is the Ho’oponopono talk story. This is designed to encounter what is currently happening in your life that you are looking to heal and transform. In this time we will  uncover subconscious beliefs, perceptions and patterns that are feeding into the ‘depression, pain and confusion’ cycles and challenges. I also educate about Trauma Biology to help my clients make sense of what doesn’t make sense around how we become cortically impaired to think and reason healthily when caught in the limbic brain fight, flight, freeze reactions. Plus techniques to self regulate when triggered.
Sharing insightful and potent Hawaiian Principles and Wisdoms help to initiate forming a new foundation of perception that enables new actions to restore health and wholeness. In this session we tune in to choose the sessions that follow that feel in alignment for her.
The retreats come in three different packages below based on how much we will work together. Depending which suite is rented that will be added to the below prices.
* Note: As a way of paying it forward we tithe 5%, and sometimes more, to give healing sessions to those who are temporarily financially challenged but are wanting and ready to heal, and we regularly bring meals and clothing to the homeless in the downtown Eastside.


Your Serenity by the Sea Retreat will be facilitated by Luannah Victoria Arana: healer, entrepreneur, founder of the SoulSpectives™ Institute, creator of The Aloha Method™ and best-selling author.

Luannah’s journey of personal transformation began in her youth, bringing her to travel around the world. She explored various traditions, philosophies and religions long before such journeys became normal or trendy.

Luannah’s practice and teachings are the culmination of several thousand hours of training, apprenticeship, and hand-on healing work across 30 years to well over 8000 clients.

She is a student of life and her lived experience is a testament that we can grow and heal beyond trauma to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Opening hours

We’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.